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Hitch-hiking from Tabriz to Tehran.

Tabriz is the winter of Iran. Snowing, winding, freezing cold.
In Iran, many people stopped for me when i was hitching. But hitch-hiking is not known in Iran. The word “hitch-hiking” doesn’t exist. The concept has to be explained before. Many drivers refused me but hitch-hiking in Iran worked very well. One of the best country where to hitch-hike in my opinion.
Iran is a country where you can meet many warm people, welcoming, interesting to talk to, and very hospitable.




2015/01/img_2871.jpgI hitch-hiked with two turkish truck drivers. The one who is sleeping on the picture was struggling against his half-sleep.

2015/01/img_2887.jpgthe turkish drivers left me a few kilometers before Tehran. Then a car stopped. A familly brought me in center and then invited me at their home. They prepared dinner for us and invited others guests. Mister Mohsen, his familly, his friends and Yosen welcomed me extremely well. An amazing experience.





2015/01/img_2895.jpgWhen they brought me somewhere else the day after, i heard on the radio inside their car, just at the same moment to say good bye, an instrumental about the theme of Zelda Ocarina of Time.