About me

Dear everyone,

I’m Gwendal, currently traveling around the world. I like to think there’s no specific reason for me to travel. It’s a desire which grew up slowly by watching the earth globe which was in my flat in Rennes (France) while listening to stories from guests i hosted through couchsurfing. Now this trip is making it self little by little, and is bringing me where hosts accept my requests in couchsurfing and where those meetings which happened by hitch-hiking in a spontaneous way.

In this internet page you can read articles, pictures, thoughts and reveries about this trip.

Are classified several categories with different countries. In several categories like for the categorie “Russia” for example, can be found sub categories such as bis, ter, quater and more, or also different titles.

I would like to thank couchsurfing hosts who helped me during this adventure and drivers who brought me from one place to an other and shared a moment of their life with me. My familly and friends and you, dear reader, who makes this internet page having a sense, by absorbing this road of words, those kilometers of pictures, and making the frontier which hides us from each other with two distant screens way more blurred and fuzzy. A feeling to have you near me inside the truck during the hitch-hiking trip, and also a feeling to be at home, and sharing with you my adventures in a warm place.

Enjoy your reading!




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