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27. The 18th of October : hitch-hiking from Ohrid to Tirana.

In Ohrid i slept in the top of a mountain with a nice view on a lake with its waves which made me relaxed and sleepy.
I hitch-hiked to Struga where those Macedonian guys brought me. The driver said : “your name sounds like Gandalf! And you look like Harry Potter!” Not the first one who said that… He said to say good bye : “Ciao Gandalf!”. I said :” I’m Harry Potter, please don’t make mistakes.” A funny meeting. I need to give up my glasses though. He gave me one delicious and enormous apple and two bottles of energetic drinks.

From Struga i walked and after 1 hour and a half a driver stopped. Naim, 28 years old. He was going to Tirana. I was lucky this day. We said good bye to Macedonia and hello to Albania.



IMG_1517.JPGTirane. I’m going to Budva in Montenegro.