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35. The 3rd of November : hitch-hiking from Uzice to Sarajevo.

Departure hitch-hiking time from Uzice : 7.45am. Arrival time : 5.30 pm.

I walked for several hours and hitch-hiked for hours. It was a sunny day so it was fine. I met several drivers. One driver told that Emir Kusturica the movie maker lives nearby. We went to Mokra Gora. One of them crossed with me the border from Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then he showed me around in Visegrad. Nice person.

Then i walked for hours and a driver brought me to Sarajevo. I was lucky as he didn’t plan to go there but 15 kilometers before. He brought me to Sarajevo anyway as it was dark. A two hours lift.

I met Zeljko my host and we went to Kino, an old cinema converted in a place for parties. This room was full of people, drinking, smoking, speaking. It was like before a piece of theatre when everybody speaks but here, it had no end. A group of musicians played balkan music. This evening was just great. People there definitely knows how to party.

It was monday evening.

IMG_1818.JPGVisegrad. The driver i met showed me around.


IMG_1820.JPGWhat i could see when i was hitch-hiking.

IMG_1825.JPGKino, the old cinema in Sarajevo

IMG_1836.JPGZeljko my host and his friends.

IMG_1851.JPGThey played balkan music. Guitar, accordion, percussion, singing.

IMG_1858.JPGOne guy showed me the back of the cinema. A room with machines.

IMG_1827.JPGA very loud and continuous sonor background of people chating, melted with the balkan music, the smoke and the drunkunness. La vie est un miracle. Život je čudo.