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37. The 7th of November : Hitch-hiking from Doboj to Zagreb.

Eldin my host in Doboj brought to a gas station where to hitch-hike. I was brought a few kilometers further and then walked to a gas station where i met Sejo Boy, a singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We sang together in the car some beatles songs. He was going to perform to a concert in Vienna.

In Zagreb i met my friend Hrvoje. He already hosted me there and coming back to his place in Zagreb was like coming back to home. A good feeling.

I met Bruno from an Ikea where Sejo left me. Bruno went with me to the biggest police station in Zagreb for some administration stuff he had to do. We talked and then Bruno invited me for a burek and beers. Nice time with Bruno.

I met Hrvoje for the evening. We shared drinks with his friends. Talks, remaking of the world, headache, sleeping, waking up, headache…

IMG_1966.JPGSejo Boy. He gave me a lift from the border in Bosnia to Zagreb.

IMG_1967.JPGBruno. He showed me the biggest police station in Zagreb and how funny the administration part in Croatia is. Then, Burek, beer, talk, beer. Thanks man.