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7. The 4th of September : hitch-hiking from Helsinki to Kotka.

I hitch-hiked from 10 am to 1pm but nobody stopped. I was too close to center. So i decided to walk until i will find a good spot to hitch-hike. On my way i found a black scarf on the street which i still have. I walked until 4.30 pm. In a road crazy crowded of cars and with a very slow traffic because of traffic jam. A car stopped even i didn’t put my thumb up. He said he is a hitch-hiker too and can help me. But he was going to north while i wanted to go East so i didn’t go with him.

One minute later after hitch-hiking a car stopped. A couple in their 50’s. The man said that the last time he took a hitch-hiker it was 25 years ago. They left me in Porvoo in a good spot to continue my trip. 5 minutes later a woman stopped and brought me near Kotka. Then i walked to Kotka. I didn’t find a host for this night so i slept outside in center. In a park with a kind of small forest. I slept there from 10pm when it was dark to 5.30 am. It was ok. Not cold. Actually too hot because of my sleeping bag which fits for temperatures around zero degree.

The day after i met Mari who hosted me one night. She is a hitch-hiker too and we shared many traveling and hitch-hiking stories around food we cooked.

Next destination : Lappeenranta.

IMG_0176.JPGFishes in a park in Kotka

IMG_0181.JPGNear the coast. I had a nap there under the sun


IMG_0162.JPGFrom my point of view in the park where i slept in Kotka. It’s 5.30 am now. Sun is rising up.