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8. The 6th of September : Hitch-hiking from Kotka to Lappeenranta.

From a light stop. One man stopped with his son. He brought me to Kouvola. I had lunch there in a forest. Then after 15 minutes of hitch-hiking a woman in her 50’s gave me a lift. She said she took me because i looked ok and she never took hitch-hikers before. She wanted to take the risk as she said. She wanted to buy some french wine in a shop so i came with her in a village. She left me in a bus stop from where i walked for a while. A girl alone gave me a lift to the street where my host Timo is living in Lappeenranta. Lucky. She studies and said she hitch-hiked before, that’s why she wanted to help me.

I met Timo. I was his first guest ever through couchsurfing. I had great time with him and his friends. We went to a sauna with him and one of his friends. 80 degrees inside.

Timo and his friends showed me around in Lappeenranta. The hudge lake, a nice pub and a studio where he works to record bands.

I stayed two nights. I ate good, slept good, washed clothes, good company, good energy to continue the trip.

Tomorrow : Russia.

IMG_0240.JPGMorning. Going to hitch-hike to Russia.

IMG_0235.JPGTimo and his friends. We cooked dinner.

IMG_0200.JPGThe lake in Lappeenranta

IMG_0239.JPGSigns for hitch-hiking.