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6. The 31st of August : Ferry to Helsinki

Philo and me said good bye to Daniel and took the ferry to Helsinki. A giant boat with a supermarket inside, a casino, a stage for live concert, restaurants, buffets, bars and many people taking hudge packs of beers from Tallinn as it is half price compared to Helsinki.

In Helsinki, Jimmy hosted me two nights and Irina two nights as well.

IMG_0078.JPGIn a coffee in Helsinki where you can buy a coffee for one euro. If you bring back your cup of coffee they give you 5 cents and fill up your cup with coffee. The logic is quite difficult to understand. But near the counter there’s a small box for tips. So they give you coffee and 5 cents but then something happens with your feelings when you have this 5 cents coins in your hand and the cup filled up. It’s called guiltiness. Or manipulation, it depends of the point of view.

IMG_0104.JPGAt Irina’s place. We had dinner with Jimmy. I took this poster in an art museum in Helsinki.

IMG_0073.JPGFamous building in Helsinki

IMG_0064.JPGIn an island in Helsinki. I met Deborah, a french girl hosted by Jimmy. We went there together.