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Several friends hosted me in Istanbul. Kiran, Yücel, Giovanni and Taylan who were living in the European side of Istanbul where are Beyoglu, Besiktas and Taksim. And Noyan who hosted me in the Asian part of Istanbul. The two continents can be joined by ferry.



IMG_2315.JPGCelebrating the birthday of a friend of Yücel.

IMG_2325.JPGMe and Maria busked in the street. We had a quite big audience for a while and a lot of fun. We met many warm people and several of them sat near us in a circle for listening music. People gave us liras, smiles, water and one beer.

IMG_2332.JPGThe main street Istiklal in Taksim.

IMG_2343.JPGA market with my friend Giovanni and his grilfriend near their place in Taksim.




IMG_2319.JPGView from Yücel’s place. Five times per day can be heard from mosques a melismatic prayer sung from loudspeakers. Five times per day all Istanbul cries in a distortion way like an electric guitar with some silences between sentences.