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39. The 10th of November : hitch-hiking from Rijeka to Trieste.

Good bye to my friend Ivan in Rijeka. A one hour walk to go outside the city. Two drivers who gave me a lift. And again hours to walk.

Then Sandi stopped and invited me to his restaurant. He offered me a hand-made beer. One the best i’ve tried. Then an other one and then we ate amazing food. A healthy soup with bread, Puree, porc with tomatoe sauce, an other beer. I was full. The food was excellent.

Sandi showed me his recording studio he built with friends. Guitars, amplificators, gears, everything. Then he gave me an other lift to a gas station where i continued my route.

I walked again and a woman gave me a lift. We spoke about the importance for us, humans, to help each other. A nice meeting. She left me in Koper where i walked toward Trieste. I was ready to show my passport but i forgot that it was not necessary. So i just crossed the border like that. By walking.

I met my friend Andrea in Trieste.

Pasta, pesto, parmesan, fish.

IMG_1997.JPGThe restaurant of my friend Sandi

IMG_1994.JPGThe decoration was great and the food amazingly delicious!

IMG_1996.JPGAnd the beer was fantastic!

IMG_2001.JPGSandi on the left.