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34. The 2nd of November : hitch-hiking from Prishtina to Uzice.

A cold morning. I dressed up with two pants, two pairs of socks, two shirts with one jumper, coat, hat and gloves. And a coffee to warm me up.

From a round about, the first person who stopped was a bus driver. He brought me 60 km further. From there i hitch-hiked with two different drivers. Then i decided to walk from this town called Mitrovice toward the north. A man stopped. We spoke italian. A very warm person. He is 55 maybe. When i told i’ll go to Pakistan he told me that many gay people are there. He was miming a sexual act of a man behind an other and said it was a problem there. I have to say it was kind of funny to see him speaking about gay people like that. He was not joking. Very serious. Shall i say his seriousness mixed with his miming was pathetically funny. It’s better to laugh about ignorance sometimes.

Anyway it was nice to meet this guy. He had to meet an other guy for a short meeting so we crossed a field of corn and salads to meet this guy.

The driver said : ” my friend drinks two liters of alcohol per day.”
Me : “of what? Wine?”.
Him :” No! Strong alcohol”. (So maybe this serbian drink called Rakije.)

After the meeting, he left me in a gas station where i asked this man to give me a lift. He was listening to me, was thinking and accepted me to cross with him the border between Kosovo and Serbia. The driver showed his passport and the one of his wife. They didn’t checked mine.

After the border in Raska this truck driver stopped. Ismet. He brought me to Kraljevo. I bought a bread for twenty dinars. I ate one small piece of this bread and this man and his son Stephan, 14 years old, gave me a lift for one kilometer and invited me for a coffee. Just for five minutes. I was a bit afraid of the dark which was coming soon. It was 3pm and it’s dark at around 5pm. Finally i stayed maybe 45 minutes with Stephan and his familly. His sister, his two brothers, his father and mother and the sister of the father. They gave me a coffee and after we ate together. Home-made food from their place : porc (their porc), vegetable, water-melon, wine, Rakije… I was amazed!

The father shared some stories about the war and the history of Serbia. He is from Kosovo. His wife is from Russia. I played guitar for them. An extract of the Choros number one from Villa-Lobos. Then the two small kids tried the guitar. Warm atmosphere.

A super nice meeting. I was lucky to meet them and to share a spontaneous moment of life with them.

They accompanied me to the road where i hitch-hiked and they gave me pot full of a typical serbian food. After two minutes an other car took me for 5 kilometers. A young couple.

Then i walked. I saw this man waiting for a bus. And the bus was coming. I ran and asked the bus driver to give me a lift and i explained him i was traveling around the world. The man who waited paid for me the bus for this 20 minutes ride.

From Čačak it was dark so i took a bus to Uzice with the 350 dinars which left in my pocket. It was 370 but the woman who sold the ticket didn’t mind. I met Artu my host. She is the most experienced couchsurfing member in Serbia. I was very well welcomed for this night i spent at her place. We shared some stories for this evening around hot tea.

Tomorrow : Sarajevo

IMG_1767.JPGIsmet, the truck driver who prepared turquish coffee inside his truck while driving.

IMG_1766.JPGKosovo. The driver had a meeting with one guy in a corn field. We drove through fields.

IMG_1757.JPGHe had to call him so i gave him my phone as he didn’t have credit. We were looking for his friend somewhere in the nature.

IMG_1762.JPGWe finally met him. After 10 minutes the driver brought me a few kilometers further.

IMG_1798.JPGMy new friend in Serbia. After one glass a Rakije, we drunk red wine. We ate food. Only products from their place.

IMG_1801.JPGThe little brother of Stephan.

IMG_1799.JPGFrom the empty plate, counter-clockwise : empty plate, amazing bread, delicious home made traditional serbian food, fantastic cheese, super tasty rice dessert and fresh water-melon. Before this lunch at 3pm i didn’t eat, i was so lucky. And filled up.

IMG_1802.JPGNew talent.

IMG_1792.JPGStephan, 14 years old. Spoke perfect english and translated many things for me.