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33. The 31st of October : hitch-hiking from Nis to Prishtina.

One evening in Nis. I wrote to diffent hosts there. Milanche could host and i met the others anyway. Milos, into art and a movie maker i wanted to meet, Marija who spoke french super good and Milanche who is a singer with a strong and deep voice. Great company.

I hitch-hiked and Dragon brought me from Nis to Leskovac. Then an other driver to Lebane. From there, a woman stopped and helped me. She knew almost everybody in Lebane and hitch-hiked for stopping a car. Zarko stopped and brought me further in Medveda. He called a friend who is a bus driver and organised for me a free trip by bus to Prishtina. We crossed the border and i was in Prishtina around 5 pm.

One man in the bus spoke french and called for me my host Ramadan who met me there. We celebrated Halloween in Prishtina. I liked this idea. Ramadan accepted my request and i went to visit him. Just like that.
Halloween in Kosovo.

A sister and his brother i met in Prishtina. The dream of the guy with the head like skull is to hitch-hike. I gave him the adress of my blog

IMG_1724.JPGA live concert in a pub.

IMG_1713.JPGRamadan my host.

IMG_1707.JPGIn Lebane, a market.

IMG_1720.JPGRamadan and his friend. She is dressed in Chuck Norris or David Bowie, can’t remember…

IMG_1719.JPGin a street somewhere. There was a fight near where we were.