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2. The 20th of August : hitch-hiking from Siaulai to Riga

I slept one night at my host’s place. Ugne and her son Paulius. I was very well welcomed for my first night of my trip. She cooked for us and we played some games with her son. I hitch-hiked from Siaulai in Lithuania and i walked one hour outside the city to find a good spot to hitch-hike.

One driver brought me a few kilometers further. We spoke lithuanian a bit and laughed about our difficulty to communicate. Then an other driver gave me a lift to Joniskis. From a gas station, one driver stopped and brought me to Riga. He didn’t speak english and i don’t speak Latvian. We didn’t speak but i felt we wanted to help me. He left me a bit far from Riga so i had to walk to go to center.

I stayed 4 nights in Riga with two different hosts. Anda and her boyfriend Viesturs were very nice hosts. We went to one local pub drinking beers and listening to a live concert.

My second host is Alex. He hosted for the second night an other surfer : Thomas, from the Netherlands, traveling for more than 20 years. A crazy guy. He worked on boats, has been an english teacher in several countries, sold stuff in Japan, lived in a van in Australia. I didn’t speak enough with him to know more but he was very interesting.

Next destination : Valga in Estonia.

IMG_0015.JPGFrom left to Right : Thomas, the hard-core traveler and my host Alex. Thomas and me prepared a breakfast.

IMG_0014.JPGCenter of Riga