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26. The 17th of October : hitch-hiking from Skopje to Ohrid.

Skopje. I met nobody, nobody replied to me through couchsurfing, i didn’t had my best mood there which didn’t make me appreciate this place. So i left Skopje after one night.

I went outside the city hitch-hiking with a sign “OH” for Ohrid. After 30 minutes, one driver stopped and brought me there. Easy.

We spoke a bit in english. He offered me traditional food from Macedonia with one coca-cola for a break. He told me about corruption in his country in Macedonia and that several people left it for working abroad.

In Ohrid i walked through the center. A beautiful city near a lake. I went far from the touristic zone and walked near the lake where i found a coffee hidden in a small street. I spent a couple of hours there with this beautiful view on the lake and mountains, drinking coffee and writing. It made my day.

Then i continued my walk along the lake and went on a top of a mountain where i spent the night. I slept very good.

IMG_1506.JPGThe lake in Ohrid

IMG_1507.JPGI found this pub near the lake in Ohrid. I stayed there for a couple of hours. Writing, drinking coffee. I love to do that. Good musics, cats everywhere, amazing view. Moment of happiness.

IMG_1494.JPGA market in Ohrid

IMG_1514.JPGA church in Ohrid. I slept not so far from this church, on the top of the mountain.