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25. The 16th of October : hitch-hiking from Thessaloniki to Skopje.

I loved Thessaloniki. I spent three nights there hosted by Kate. She is a writer, translator, a very inspiring and clever person with an artistic soul. However, who am i to define her personality as i just spent four days with Kate? It’s the same for each meeting and each person. Anyway, she is just great.

I took several buses to find a good spot to hitch-hike. After two minutes, a driver brought me to the border between Greece and Macedonia. I crossed it by walking. It was 1 pm.

The next driver who accepted to bring me to Skopje was at 7.30 pm. A guy who own ten trucks for a big company. He drove very fast. He is named Flamour.

I went to a gas station during the afternoon where i hitch-hiked for four hours. Around 5 pm a driver stopped.

He went to me, shaked my hand and said :

-” Hi, what’s your name?”
-“I’m Gwendal and you?”
-” I’m Dragon. Where do you go?
-who are you?
-i’m Gwendal.

Not conviced by my answer he asked again :

– who are you?
– i’m a guitar teacher.

While asking me questions he was hitch-hiking. With a very strong energy. Almost in the middle of the road. Then he asked me questions about God and everything in his direct style, looking straight into the eyes.
This meeting made me stronger because i was not stressed or impressed by this situation and i didn’t show weakness or anything. This guy just wanted to help me. But by listening to him, it was as if it was the apocalipse.

After a while police came as Dragon left his car not so well parked with an opened door on the road.

They bothered him for a technical stuff about his car and told me it was forbidden to hitch-hike near the high way.

Then Dragon told me to come back to the border and said by looking at me into the eyes and then to the sky by pointing it with his finger :” Believe!”.

I’m not into religion but i totally respect those who are into it.

I believe in me though.