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15. The 29th of September : hitch-hiking from Poprad to Kosice.

4 hours of hitch-hiking from Poprad but nothing. I called the sister of Katarina who gave me the scout room in Poprad. She told me she was going to Krakow with her friend and that i could join them.

They picked me up and we were in Krakow. From there a guy gave me a lift for 20 km and left me in the high-way. I hitch-hiked 40 minutes and a polish guy took me. He is like a professional hitch-hiker. He hitch-hiked from Poland to China. He left me in Tarnow. Dark night. 7 pm.
A man gave me a lift to Radymno near the border between Poland and Ukraine. I slept under a bridge in a small tunnel. I don’t need confort.

IMG_1079.JPGIn the gas station in Radymno. I walked for 30 minutes far from it to find a good place where to spend the night. While walking in the dark night, i saw a comet in the stared sky tracing a fire line for maybe four wonderful seconds which bring the mind far. Far from everything …