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20. The 7th of October : hitch-hiking from Chisinau to Iasi.

A tram to go outside the city. I walked for a few kilometers then. This car stopped. They asked for money but i explained my situation with the map of the world and the expected route and they finally accepted me. Inside, a couple even gave me chocolate and something like 50 cents of euro for a sandwich or something to eat. Then i had a lift from an other driver. Then an other with whom i speak a bit. He invited me at his house where we had dinner together! Bread he made, chicken from his farm, drink from rawsberries, soup, sweets, vegetable from his garden, marinated tomatoes which makes a firework of gustative sensations. I gave him the chocolate this couple gave me and played guitar for him. Then he brought me to the border where i stayed for 2 hours.

A truck driver accepted me to join him to cross the border. 30 minutes later i hitch-hiked ( he gave me a lot of grapes, a full bag) for 2 minutes and a truck driver, 26 years old gave me a lift to an industrial zone near Iasi where i met Codrin my host.



IMG_1675.JPGThe map i show to drivers to explain about my project. The idea is from Ludovic Hubler who wrote a book about his hitch-hiking trip he did for 5 years around the world.

IMG_1676.JPGThe note book i use for writing differents words and sentences in different languages. The basics to communicate.