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32. The 30iest of October : hitch-hiking from Belgrade to Nis.

A coffee with Dejan my host in Belgrade during the morning before i left. Dejan threw water from the second level from his window for wishing me the best for my trip. A serbian coutum. The image of the water in the air and the smile of Dejan is still in my mind, like a picture, a fuzzy one with only his head from the window, the water flying in a water-shoot of drops and his smile. A smile which is going down slowly, after a few meters walking. Gloves on the hands. Because it’s cold.

I went to a gas station to ask people. At 11.30 am one driver accepted to bring me 150 km further. He is Milos and his friend Nikola.

They had a deal to do in this gas station in Belgrade. They gave two big bags full of tabacco. They said it was tabacco…

Then we drove. He was driving at more than 160km per hour instead of the 120 km per hour which was the limit. Loud music, smoke, speedness..

We stopped in a village to meet a guy for giving him two others big bags full of “tabacco”. The man gave the cash after we had a coffee and took time for speaking a bit. They spoke in serbian and i obviously couldn’t understand. I said that to Milos and replied :” it’s better for you!”.

Then we drove to an other gas station. Milos told me his story that he fought with a turquish guy and went to jail for two months. He showed the size of the knife that the turquish guy had. Something like 40 cm. The size his pride in a way.

Milos told he broke his rib. The dream of Milos is to go to Miami. He said after this achievement he could die.

Those two guys reminded me the two guys from Elephant. The movie of Gus Van Sant. The same scene from the back of the car when they are driving for the shooting in the school.

The same two guys. Out of the system. Two comets out of the intestellar vortex, wandering around in a direction opposed to the main way of the principal direction of every stars.

From this gas station i asked the first man i met if he could bring me to Nis and he did.

I met my host Milanche there and spent one night in Nis.

Tomorrow : Kosovo.

IMG_1690.JPGNis. Center

IMG_1683.JPGA train passing in Nis

IMG_1688.JPGAn ancient turquish Hamam

IMG_1689.JPGThe fortress of Nis.