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31. The 26th of October : hitch-hiking from Zagreb to Belgrade.

I hitch-hiked and got a ride to a pay toll in Zabreb. I got stucked for 1 hour and a half. Walked to a a gas station and asked a man to give me a lift. He brought me to Kutina. I decided to try my luck on hitch-hiking on the high-way. After twenty minutes a police car stopped. After checking my passport the agent told me i had to pay a fee with my credit card. I lied that i didn’t have one. He told the same thing again. I said i had only ten kunas. He told the same thing again. I said i could pay by post office which meant nothing but i just acted like a stupid and lost french tourist who didn’t know and understood anything. He asked me the same order for a fourth time and i didn’t say anything. Then he told me the lesson, gave me back the passport and told me to leave.

It’s totally fine that things happened like that. Hitch-hikers shouldn’t do that on high ways.

I still think life is made to take risks though. And i had to take this risk.

I went to the pay toll in Kutina. Went in center. I spent four hours in Kutina. At 5 pm. When it was dark, i hitch-hiked from the pay toll and this croatian driver brought me back to Zabreg where i asked my host Hrvoje to host me for an extra night.

The day after, Hrvoje brought me to a strategic place where i met right after i left him four truck drivers who had a breakfast between two trucks. I asked them if they were going to Belgrade and one of them brought me there.

It smoked. Tea, the air when we breath out because it’s cold, cigarettes, the food as they warmed the bread. Good atmosphere, food, good company.

I met my host Dejan in Belgrade around 7 pm.

IMG_1668.JPGA cathedral in Belgrade

IMG_1663.JPGThe fortress of Belgrade

IMG_1661.JPGFrom the top of a hill in a park in Belgrade

IMG_1674.JPGmy room in my host’s place. He is Dejan.