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41. The 12th of November : hitch-hiking from Trieste to Ljubljana.

A breakfast with Andrea and his two Lithuanian guests. Then i walked two hours to find a good spot. A young woman stopped and brought me to a gas station but i asked her to bring me back to the previous point as it was a better place for hitch-hiking.

After one hour, one car stopped and i was in Ljubljana one hour later. We spoke many things. About countries, couchsurfing, stories between countries. They shared with me some bread and fish cream.

I met my host Marko Bencik. Marko organizes an international couchsurfing cooking event and we cooked for one evening. We had a lot a fun cooking and playing music. If you are in couchsurfing, please have a look at this very nice event.

IMG_2039.JPGTivoli Park in Ljubljana.

IMG_2041.JPGTivoli Park

IMG_2040.JPGTivoli Park

IMG_2043.JPGTivola Park

IMG_2051.JPGCenter of Ljubljana. A bridge with dragons.

IMG_2048.JPGTivoli Park

IMG_2049.JPGCentral place. A poet with his muse.

IMG_2050.JPGCenter Ljubljana

IMG_2062.JPGWith my friend Gregor in a cafe where you pay for time and not for what you have. I discovered the concept with Oleg in Moscow. You pay for time and then you can take coffee, cookies, using internet, reading and you have to clean your dishes as well.


IMG_2060.JPGLjubljana, near the river

IMG_2054.JPGThe Cathedral of Ljubljana

IMG_2068.JPGGoing up to the hill

IMG_2064.JPGGregor showed me around in Ljubljana. Secret places, degustation in a honey shop, fish market, Coffee, we tried local sweets, and food. Very nice day

IMG_2071.JPGCrafted beers with a view of Ljubljana

IMG_2077.JPGAn artistic squat where i spoke to people to know more about this place.





IMG_2091.JPGMy crazy hosts in Ljubljana.