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18a. The 4th of October 2014 : Hitch-hiking from Kiev to Odessa.

After spending two nights with my hosts Eugene and Victoria in Kiev, i began to hitch-hike at 7.30 am from Kiev. At 9 am a bus driver from Portugal offered me to come in the bus for free. 15 km further i hitch-hiked for 30 minutes and met a driver. We drove for 10 minutes. Then i walked while showing my thump up to drivers and a truck driver gave me a lift for 50 km. Then i went to ask people in a gas station and a familly brought me 50 km further. Then an other car for 75 km and i stopped in a gas station to ask a couple if they could give me a lift. They accepted me and we drove for 100 km. When we stopped, the driver went to ask a police man to help me. The police man stopped several cars before finding a truck driver who was going to Odessa, i.e. 250 km further! The driver is Serge. Great guy.

I arrived in Odessa for evening and met my host Andrei at 7.30 pm.




IMG_1165.JPGKiev, Maidan place