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38. The 8th of November : Hitch-hiking from Zagreb to Rijeka.

Hrvoje brought me to a pay toll where i hitch-hiked with Raul, the truck driver. Very nice guy with whom we shared some stories and one coffee in a gas station. Raul left me 15 km before Rijeka near a pay toll where i hitch-hiked with two artists who invited me to a poetry-litetature evening in Rijeka on a boat. Poets recitated their artworks. Poets from Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Irak, and others countries. I was the french guest and sang Hey Jude from the Beatles and Les copains d’abord (friends before all in english, or something like that) from Brassens in front of 60-70 people in this Boat called Marina RI 28. I was hosted by my friend Ivan there for two nights.

IMG_1981.JPGMy friends Zdravo, a writer and Sandra, poet.

IMG_1972.JPGSurrounded by poets, artists, drinkers, smokers, and water. Because we are on a boat.

IMG_1983.JPGa church in Rijeka.

IMG_1982.JPGRijeka from the top of a hill


IMG_1979.JPGZdravo, recitating a poem in Croatian

IMG_1974.JPGA young woman on stage