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4. The 25th of August : hitch-hiking from Valga to Tartu

After hitch-hiking so easly from Valga to Tartu ( it’s not always like that ) i met my host Penelope. She is Australian and her husband is American. They have two children who are more than 20 years old.

I spent two nights at their place. This house was built by Ants Piip, a lawyer who participated to the independance of Estonia. I saw in the main hall a picture with the Dala├»-Lama in front of this house. I couldn’t believe that. He came there in 2001 when this house was a guest house. My hosts bought this house in 2006. A house full of history. For my trip i took four books about Dala├»-Lama.

IMG_0029-1.JPGHis Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama came in Estonia in 2001 and slept in this house when it was a guest house

IMG_0031-1.JPGBefore going to hitch-hike to Tallinn

IMG_0020-1.JPGCenter of Tartu

IMG_0033-1.JPGThe house of my host in Tartu