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5. The 27th of August : hitch-hiking from Tartu to Tallinn

I left the house of my host in Tartu at around 8.30 am. I walked under a thin rain to a good spot to hitch- hike at a bus stop. One hour later a russian truck driver stopped and brought me a few kilometers before Tallinn. I walked along the high-way and went in a gas station. Just before arriving there, i saw a car and putting up my thumb and the driver stopped. He brought me to center. I met my host Daniel in a park.

I joined him to a shooting session for a make-up tutorial. He was doing that for his job. I spent three nights at his place. Daniel hosted several guests at the same time and i met Philo from Gemany with whom i visited around in Tallinn. He told me this story that he bought a car in Canada for 900 dollars, drove from Canada to Usa and then sold the car for 1400 dollars.

I met Alo, an estonian couchsurfer who hosted me one night.

IMG_0058.JPGFrom left to the mirror ball : Philo, me and Daniel

IMG_0035.JPGFrom a beach in Tallinn, Olga from CS showed me around

IMG_0053.JPGPhilo, in this art museum, the room is inclinated and creates a very strange effect in human brains

IMG_0045.JPGDaniel and Philo