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14. The 28th of September : hitch-hiking from Bratislava

In the morning, i left my host place to go outside of Bratislava. I crossed high-ways and went to a gas station to ask to people. One driver accepted me and we went toward the east 120 km further. At the gas station where they left me i met one driver who spoke english. He was going to the north to hike mountains. My plan was to go to Kosice in the east but i didn’t find a host there so i went with him and his two friends.

Actually they were going to do paragliding from a mountain and offered me to join them. I said yes of course.

We drove for a while and a policeman stopped us as we were driving 64km per hour instead of 50. The driver paid 40 euros.

When we arrived we took a cable car to climb the mountains and had a breathtaking view from the top. The driver and his friend jumped several times with their parachutes.

Then we ate in a restaurant some traditional food from Slovakia and we left each other. Then i asked people a lift and met a driver who brought me to Ruzomberok. In a gas station i asked to couple, Katarina and Josef, to give me a lift. They said yes.

In the car, i asked if they knew a cheap place where to sleep. They said they will think about it during the trip and finally they offered me to join them for dinner. I met their children, played guitar for them and we ate together.

They offered me to stay in a scout room near their place for free. They were very welcoming and helpful with me. A very nice meeting.

So i slept in this room for one night.

IMG_0996-0.JPGSeveral Paragliders were above us even we were 2500 meters high from the top of the mountain

IMG_0979-0.JPGNice view from here. The driver told me that the weight of the gear was 18 kilogrammes.

IMG_0929-0.JPGThe friend of the driver, me, the driver (from left to right)

IMG_1016-0.JPGThe scout room that Katarina and Josef gave me. I made fire.